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Dr. Katya Burdo

Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Boston, MA


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Work with me to create your ideal life 

The process of creating your ideal life is akin to that of an artist with a paint brush, who feels inspired to place carefully chosen strokes of color on a clean canvas, bringing to life the picture first drawn in the mind.

Similarly, you too can be visioning the picture of the life you want to be living and then, making it come true with deliberate intentions and actions.

If you are not experiencing life in this way, it is very likely that you are not living up to your full potential and you are not able to expand and grow in the way that your inner being wants to.

Get help In-Person or Online

With my expertise in various forms of Western psychotherapies and emphasis on Eastern philosophies and practices, I can help you get rid of distressing feelings, stop doing those things you do that get in the way of your growth and expansion, and turn your dreams into reality.

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