Dr. Katya Burdo Licensed Therapist and Life Coach
Dr. Katya Burdo - Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Boston, MA

Work with me to create your ideal life

If you are reading this, chances are you are feeling distressed, overwhelmed, stuck in a rut, or dissatisfied with some part of your life. Perhaps you are nearly considering giving up on trying to feel better, and asking yourself if this is all there is for you while feeling that you’ve fallen short of your own hopes, dreams, and expectations.

You’ve probably heard that a psychologist or a life coach can help, but how do you know which one to choose so that something could finally really change for you? Can you put your life in just any therapist’s hands?

While the education and training of your future therapist or coach are important, it is at least as important that they have done their own inner work. After all, the blind cannot lead the blind and you wouldn’t hire a weak trainer to get you stronger or a broke financial advisor to help manage your wealth.

I am Here to Help

I am not just another therapist and coach with extensive formal education, clinical training, and decades of experience. What I have to offer you is the totality of who I’ve become through an unrelenting commitment to my own journey toward transformation: I’ve faced challenges, I’ve lived in survival mode, I’ve sought, and I’ve found out how to thrive and feel joy, peace, satisfaction, and thrill in life.

As a result of all of my knowledge and life experiences, I am able to offer my clients a conceptual framework made up of Western and Eastern philosophies and practices along with clarity, guidance, and practical strategies for how to end emotional suffering, release fear, feel worthy, and allow yourself to vision and create your ideal life.