Don’t White Knuckle Positivity

by in Uncategorized December 1, 2022

Soon after starting to censor themselves, the person may well feel better about things: the conscious interruption of certain negative thoughts can feel like relief and the newly found hope that this dictatorial attitude is an effective hack into the power of the universe can feel like hope! But when the manifestations don’t seem to arrive, or they arrive but don’t stick around, eventually, the person becomes exhausted, discouraged, frustrated, and angry. The whole Law of Attraction thing may start to feel like a bunch of malarky with a delusional cult following. So, what’s really going on here?

When people learn about Law of Attraction, they often start to feel extremely stressed: since the universe is always listening and like attracts like, will having any negative thoughts manifest into something unwanted?

In a panic, a seemingly inspired idea comes: thought censorship! Under the threat of a potential manifestational Armageddon becoming real, the introduction of inner military rule feels right. If Hitler and Margaret Thatcher had a baby, that little psychopath would be a great candidate to enforce the new rule of positivity, shouting at us, “Shape the f**k up!!! Or do you want to be an overweight, single, unlovable loser with no money forever?!!!”

It is true that the universe is always listening, but the problem is it isn’t listening to our words, it’s listening to the vibration of our being, which is generated by our thoughts. Skipping over negative thoughts and simply shouting louder using more positive words only translates into the appearance of positivity. This appearance is not only unsustainable, but inauthentic, exhausting and in fact, turns into inner resistance to really understanding what’s not working for us, cleaning that up and moving forward in a genuine way toward what we are wanting.

Skipping over negative thoughts and simply shouting louder using more positive words only translates into the appearance of positivity.

Here is why there is no need to be afraid of negative vibration. The universe is always on our side and because this is so, things are always working out for all of us, even when, in a tough moment, it may be hard to see.

The universe is always guiding us toward what we want via messages from our inner being, who is intricately connected to the universe: our inner being is like a wave in the ocean, completely unique in its form and yet always the ocean itself. No one knows better than our inner being exactly what we want for ourselves and how to get to it through the path of least resistance.

The way to stay connected to our inner being is to tune into our feelings as our most reliable compass: if a thought we are thinking feels bad, it’s untrue and we need to find a better feeling thought that is more true. If a thought feels good, jack pot! we are on our way…When we make feeling good our most important focus, we are always going to be moving forward toward what we want.

Therefore, negative thoughts and unwanted manifestations is nothing to worry about: while they don’t feel great, living out contrast between the wanted and the unwanted becomes an interesting challenge to chew on when you remember that you are never lost, your inner being always has your back, and all you need to do it is to tune into its guidance.

If you are negatively focused, you are simply out of touch but that’s alright because there is no light without darkness. Contrast doesn’t need to be scary, contrast is clarifying: how would you know what you do want unless you’ve experience what you don’t want? And to paraphrase Eckhart Tolle, if we stopped having contrast in our lives, we’d get depressed about nothing ever going wrong. Where is the fun in living a life in which you instantly get whatever you want, you never feel negative emotion, and there is nothing to chew on and be satisfied by after you’ve figured it out? How would we ever feel we are fulfilling our purpose of creating and expanding?

In short, don’t be afraid of your thoughts and manifestations. Because you are the universe, you are invincible and no matter what manifestations come your way, it’s alright because you CAN handle it by cleaning up your thoughts and focusing differently! Relax, breath and remember: you are not alone, you have the entire universe on your side, and it’s all always working out for all of us…