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About Dr. Katya Burdo in Boston, MATraining

I am a bi-lingual (Russian/English) clinician. To become a licensed therapist, I received my doctorate degree in psychology from Wright State School of Professional Psychology in Dayton, Ohio.

I did my pre-doctoral internship training at Boston University Center for Multicultural Training. My Western psychology training included psychodynamic, humanistic and cognitive-behavioral components with emphasis on multiculturalism.

In my post-doctoral development, I have studied Eastern philosophies and as a result, have added to my repertoire, spiritual ideas relevant to restoring one’s well-being, i.e. Law of Attraction, managing the ego, and understanding how to manifest what is desired.

Professional Experience

Over the past two decades, I have become experienced at treating a multitude of issues, ranging from depression, anxiety and relationships issues to the most severe mental illnesses.

For the last 15 years, I have worked at a local inpatient facility, serving as Director of Psychology and Clinical Training and an adjunct faculty at Tufts Medical Center.

Recently, I have decided that both personally and professionally, I would like to experience greater freedom in order to continue on the path to manifesting the most satisfying and joyous life for me.

Therefore, I have ended my employment as Director of Psychology, expanded my private practice and added the component of remote psychotherapy services in order to maintain my own sense of freedom and offer greater access to others regardless of physical location.

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My own spiritual journey has been aided by the teachings of Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, and Abraham Hicks. I also have an interest in Ayurvedic teachings and practices.

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