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Coaching Model - Dr. Katya Burdo

Dr Ekaterina Burdo

The process of visioning the life one wants to be living starts in the mind. When one is connected to their inner being and its guidance, there is no resistance to identifying different desires for more of anything that would be pleasing, and ideas about how to get there flow effortlessly. From that place of alignment, one is able to feel the inspiration to act on those ideas and as a result, their life keeps expanding in beautiful ways with so much fun along the way! However, when one does not make the relationship with their inner being a priority and attempts to take action from a place of need or lack, then fear, self-doubt, and struggle ensue. My life coaching model uses these concepts to help the client get in touch with themselves and become more allowing and non-resistant to their own creative process and then, they can be, do, or have anything that they want. Techniques such as meditation and various mental focus strategies and exercises are crucial to this process.

There are many topics to which this strategy can be applied. Below are only to name a few:


The physical and emotional experience of having relationships offers the greatest joy and expansion for us as human beings. Relationships with others cannot flourish if the relationship with the self is not treated as the most important relationship. Becoming aligned with one’s inner being first is the way to allow all other relationships to become unburdened from undue expectations and be lighter, more enjoyable and satisfying.

Financial Success

Financial issues are an indication of the person holding on to unhelpful beliefs which prevent abundance from flowing into the person’s experience, i.e. fear of not-enoughness. Identifying and replacing such beliefs helps the person to begin to feel prosperous even in the absence of the actual money, which then leads to them finding their way to manifesting the financial abundance they are seeking.

In other words, one has to reverse the commonly held belief of “I’ll believe it when I see it” to “I’ll see it when I believe it”.

Health and Wellness

Physical health and appearance are a barometer of the degree to which one is aligned with their true self. Various ways of being out of touch with one’s inner being can lead to development of dis-ease and outer appearance of looking unwell. When one becomes more aligned with themselves, it facilitates the body’s natural ability to heal itself as well as points the person in the direction of making the necessary life style changes to promote greater physical health and wellbeing.


Stuckness in manifesting a good-feeling romantic relationship is a common challenge and is a reflection of someone getting bogged down in their unhelpful beliefs about the self, others, and what romantic relationships represent and involve. To make matters more challenging, so many people manifest negative experiences that match their unhelpful beliefs that it is easy to become hopeless and despondent about finding the right partner. Fortunately, many effective coaching strategies can be used to lessen one’s resistance to finding a romantic connection, including identifying resistance, changing unhelpful beliefs, separating one’s sense of worth from whether a romantic partner is physically present at this moment, and learning to find validation from within, thus lightening up expectations in all relationships, including romantic ones.


Work-related challenges are a frequent focus of coaching sessions. Whether the desire is to find a satisfying and lucrative career path, or take the risk to look for a change of direction altogether, this topic is the perfect opportunity to practice the Art of Allowing. This means that one has to engage in a process of soul searching using the guidance of the inner being, allow for the ideas and the vision to unfold, and learn how to stay out of your own way as much as possible and be open and accepting to what comes.


Coaching sessions are $250 an hour; I do offer a sliding fee scale. You can have as few or as many sessions as you like. I offer an up to 3 sessions money-back guarantee: you can get a refund for one, two, or even all three sessions if you feel that you have not received your money’s worth. Absolutely nothing to risk or lose to try it out!